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Jon Arvid Rosengren 15th Best Sommelier of the World


Sweden is not renowned for its viticulture so far but it is now famous for its high level sommeliers. After Mikael Söderström,Best Sommelier of Europe 1990 and Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World 2007, Jon Arvid Rosengren, aged 31, just won the World title in Mendoza on April 19th.

On the first day of the tests, 60 sommeliers from all over the world had gathered at the Park Hyatt Hotel of Mendoza to compete for the highest title in sommellerie.

The day after, only 15 remained to go to the semifinals:
Gareith Ferreira (South Africa), Paz Levinson (Argentina), Elyse Lambert (Canada), Christian Jacobsen (Denmark), Heidi Mäkinen (Finland), David Biraud (France), Julie Dupouy (Ireland), Hiroshi Ishida (Japan), Satoru Mori (Japan), Raimonds Tomsons (Latvia), Henrik Dahl Jahnsen (Norway), Piotr Pietras (Poland), Rassadkin Aleksander (Russia), Jon Arvid Rosengren (Sweden), Robert Andersson (Sweden).

Then, on Tuesday 19th, the three finalists were announcedon the stage of the historic Teatro de la Independencia de Mendoza:
Julie Dupouy from Ireland, David Biraud , from France, finalist in the world championship in Chile in 2010, Jon Arvid Rosengren from Sweden already Best Sommelier of Europe 2013.

The Sommeliers Contest Committee, run by Gérard Basset, Best Sommelier of the World 2010, and comprising Best Sommeliers of the World as Serge Dubs (1989), Shinya Tasaki (1995), Markus del Monego (1998), Andreas Larsson (2007) and Paolo Basso (2013) had built all the tests of the contest.

The XVth A.S.I. Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World was organized at the logistical level by The Argentinian Association of Sommeliers presided by Andrés Rosberg with the support of the international partners of the A.S.I. and also Wines of Argentina, COVIAR, the government of the Province of Mendoza, many bodegas of the region.

A big thank you to Moët & Chandon, Chef&Sommelier, Nespresso, Vinexpo, SommelierS International, The Wines of Austria, SanPellegrino & Acqua Panna, Suntory, The Wines of Asace and ViniPortugal.