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Association de la Sommellerie Professionnelle Italienne Italy

Find the error...In the most recent issue of SommelierS International (n° 125) an error unfortunately appeared amongst the articles about the International Sommelier Association (ASI). The information on page 31 concerning Italy, wrongly presented Ivano Antonini as “Italy’s Best Sommelier”, elected by the ASI.The ASI does not acknowledge the validity of the selection tests of this Italian contest, which does not constitute a qualifying event prior to any official international competition. Mr Antonini will therefore not represent Italy at the forthcoming competition for the “World’s Best Sommelier”, which will be held in Chile in the spring of 2010.

The ASI is represented in Italy by the ASPI, which groups together professional sommeliers only and is coordinated by Guiseppe Vaccarini, the “World’s Best Sommelier ASI” in 1978 and former President of the ASI.

A particular feature of the ASPI is that is brings together Italian winners of national, European and world competitions organised since 1969 by the ASI. The ASPI was founded to refocus the sommelier profession in Italy on the fundamental ethics of this metier and avoid its image being weakened by a vast number of professionals linked to the wine world in this immense viticultural country.

Our magazine sincerely regrets having caused confusion due to the information it provided and in our next issue we will make up for this error by presenting detailed information about current events for the Italian sommelier profession at the occasion of the Vinitaly exhibition!

The Editorial teamlogo ASPI

Giuseppe Vaccarini

Giuseppe Vaccarini, Président of ASPI

Kazuyoshi Kogai et Giuseppe Vaccarini

Kazuyoshi Kogai (President of ASI) and Giuseppe Vaccarini (President of ASPI)


Year of foundation: 2007

Year of joining the ASI: 2008

President : Giuseppe Vaccarini

Members : 300 professional Sommelier + 50 amateur members.

Compétitions: Best Professional Sommelier of Italy (every year),
Selection of the candidates
to participate at the Competition for the Best Sommelier of Europe ASI and Best Sommelier of the World ASI.

Training: • Course in sommellerie for the diploma of « International Professional Sommelier" at ALMA, international Superior School of Cuisine in Colorno (Parma),
• Continuing education reserved to the professional Sommelier,
• Organisation of seminaries for amateur and neophyte in the main cities of Italy.

Activities and projects : • Realization of the Internet site:,
• Biweekly publication of the "ASPI Newsletter",
• Bimonthly publication of the magazine", “SP, Sommellerie Professionale",
• General Assembly of the ASPI members once per year,
• Yearly collaboration with Veronafiere for Vinitaly, Italian wine fair in Verona,
• Yearly collaboration with MIA, food fair in Rimini,
• Didactic journey in numerous wine-making regions,
• Guided tastings.

logo ASPI


Via Simone d'Orsenigo, 1

20135 Milano - Italy
Tel. 02 87383831
Fax. 02 87391634