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Wines of Morocco - Hôtel Sofitel Rabat

Prestige tasting

Prestige Tasting Rabat

PRESTIGe tasting — Wines of morocco —

March 31, 2015 — HOTEL SOFITEL RABAT —

Marocco evokes the sun, the gastronomy exuding aromas of spices, the Atlas Mountains, the desert, an ancient cultural richness. But its reputation also comes from the quality of the wines the country produces since since 500 years BC. Despite a sometimes troubled history, the wine, not always wanted, managed to keep its place in the terroir and the Moroccans' heart, but also of the enthusiasts' all over the world.

SommelierS International organized on Tuesday, March 31st in partnership with the Association of Sommeliers if Morocco a degustation of Moroccan wines at Hotel Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses underthe presidency of Michèle Aström-Chantôme, president of the Moroccan association and secretary general of A.S.I., the patronage of Giuseppe Vaccarini, Best Sommelier of the World, president of the Association of Professional Sommeliers of Italy, and the exceptional presence of Andrés Rosberg, president of the sommeliers of Argentina and vice-president American continent of A.S.I., and Masaharu Oka, president of the associaition of sommeliers of Japan. After a collegial commented degustation in the morning by the sommeliers of the Moroccan association, the producers joined the tasters for a cocktail over their wines.

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