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J.Dupont, the Art of exceptional Cognac!


With a prestigious terroir, thought, mastered and magnified for centuries, the Boinaud domain, an independent family group and producer of Cognac since 1640, today represents the largest family vineyard of the Cognac region with its 420 hectares. Of its vineyards exclusively located in the Grande Champagne area, First of Cognac, on the best terroirs of this appellation is drawn the soul of the Boinaud Cognac house.

The Boinaud family acquires the brand J.Dupont in 1992 and adapts its values to the lifestyle of the XXIth century. Boldness and openmindedness give rhythm to the course of history of the J.Dupont Cognac housse, echoing the economic, cultural and social upheavals which it crosses from its creation in 1878. The golden age of the Belle Epoque, with its faith in the progress and its sometimes corseted elegances, offers him a very prosperous growth. The “Golden years” and its waking dream, marked with creativity and freedom, introduce the pursuit of an avant-guardist vision: associate Cognac with the pleasure to live and with refinement. More than a simple consumer product, the J.Dupont Cognac becomes a partner in the Art de vivre of that time. The Dupont family then left their imprint on the history of this invaluable beverage. Recognised for its excellent know-how and the magnificence of its age-old eaux-de-vie, the Boinaud Cognac house frees itself from codes to exist through its peculiarity and share its originality with the Cognac connoisseurs the most sensitive and receptive to its Art.

Michel et Rémi Boinaud

The eaux-de-vie stored from generation to generation in the cellars of the Boinaud dynasty, establish a considerable timeless family treasure. The oldest are more than a century old and we find a collection of the best vintages of the XXth century. This sacred inheritance evidences the experience, the extra soul of the Boinaud Cognac house which shapes, even today, its peculiar style. Climax of a rarefied luxury, the fruit of inestimable and sophisticated timeless talents, the haute couture Art of the Boinaud Cognac house blows a wind of revival on the Cognac J.Dupont nowadays.

Between tradition and modernity, Art Deco XO invites you to come with them for a journey through the immaterial dream and desire. Subtle alchemy between the rational and the artistic spirits, Art Deco XO brightly, delicately and elegantly shares with you its spicy and honeyed richness, symbol of its modernism and its history. Cognac J.Dupont sublimates the ordinary Art of XO crafting by fetching the right expression that transcends the identity of this category of Cognac, by revealing the relevance of a blend of completely accomplished and mature eaux-de-vie. It will irresistibly enchant your palate by its artistic richness, and will take you away to the discovery of the purity of its forms. A style rewarded at the Guildhall of London during the price-giving ceremony of the International Challenge for Wines and Spirits. The jury of this excellent competition gave its highest distinction to the Cognac Art Deco XO by awarding the Outstanding IWSC gold medal in 2014. A few months later it got a gold medal at Concours Général of Paris! And in March, the “Double Gold” at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Enter a universe, share a philosophy, that of the Cognac lifestyle, search for artistic pleasures, dare to be yourself. That's Cognac J.Dupont … Enjoy the tasting!

Charlynne Zirah


Maison Boinaud – Cognac J.Dupont – 05 45 83 72 72