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Château de Môle : Luxury wine tourism in Puisseguin Saint-Emilion


Winegrower St-Émilion

Luxury wine tourism in Puisseguin Saint-EmilionIt was love at first sight and innovative vision that prompted the Auger family to acquire the Château de Môle in 2006. The idea was to develop luxury wine tourism. Eric Auger, coming from a family of farmers who had passed on to him their love of the land and of wine, wanted visitors to discover the life of a wine chateau. As a successful entrepreneur in the building trade from the north of France, Eric Auger carried out his project with conviction and verve. And after just a few months, the Château de Môle was awarded a gold medal in “Best of Wine Tourism”. The success of its guest rooms has already exceeded all expectations.

A union of heritage and environment

The Auger family immediately put into practice three ideas that were very close to their hearts, namely respect for the environment, respect for the architecture of the 17th-century chateau and the active participation of craftsmen from Puisseguin village, 9km from Saint-Emilion. They continued to practice rational farming as their predecessors had done for over 15 years and renovated the domain to environmental quality standards. No pollutants were used. The paints are water-based, there is wool-hemp insulation and a treatment plant for the water used to wash the tanks was installed. In terms of energy saving, heat pumps have been installed throughout the chateau and the magnificent gardens are irrigated with well water controlled by computers. The chateau was renovated by craftsmen from Puisseguin who were able to demonstrate their expertise using the finest materials such as the stone from Frontenac used for building two archways that enhance the whole domain. In this way, the Auger family awoke the pride of a whole village.

The rhythm of life at the Chateau attracts wine lovers from all over the world

Tourists flock to Château de Môle from around the world, especially American guests delighted by the space offered by the five rooms. These rooms, with the names Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carménère, are tastefully decorated and each has its own unique furniture made by a great designer. The spacious bathrooms, with their parquet flooring, are perfect for relaxation and well-being. With a private sauna, shower and balneo bath, they will delight those in love as well as wine lovers. The service, managed by Maryline Nouet, is worthy of the very best hotels. Here, guests are pampered and guided so as to make the most of their visit to the region. Working closely with the Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux and Bergerac tourist offices, the Château de Môle organizes wine tastings and walks through the 18ha of the domain. Guests may come and go as they please, discovering the work of the winegrowers, whether at the sorting table during the harvest or in the underground cellar humidified naturally by the well. Everything is done to the rhythm of the wine. Everyone is free to ask questions and witnessing the wine-making process remains a unique experience.

Saint-Emilion ‘classics’

Just like the Chateau, its wines are evolving with the times. Stéphane Toutoundji, renowned young oenologist, works with the manager of the property, Bernard Lenier, to update the Château de Môle and Roc Saint-Jacques. These wines, once intense and woody, are evolving to be become softer and fruity. More feminine, they correspond to the new trends in wine drinking. The Château de Môle, the domain’s principal wine, is only sold at the Chateau and in the best restaurants. This wine, however, has kept its subtle woodiness and its full length thanks to patient ageing. The Roc Saint-Jacques is aged for a shorter period of time but with an emphasis on the fruit. It can be happily enjoyed as an aperitif. If the 2009, which benefited from a beautiful Indian summer, is already tipped to be an outstanding year, then the 2008, only three-quarters of the way through its ageing process, is already superb with aromas of red and ripe crystallized fruits. Come and discover it soon in the company of the Auger family.


Château de Môle

18 ha
Density: 5500 grapevines/ha
Rootstock: 10 114/Riparia and 3309 C
Average age of the vines: 45 years
Pruning: Single Guyot
Soil and sub-soil: Clay / limestone
Grape Variety: Merlot 85 %, Cabernet Francs 10%,
Cabernet Sauvignon 5%
Harvest: manual, grapes are sorted twice
on the sorting table by 8 people before being pumped
into the vats.

Two Great Bordeaux Wines produced
in the purest tradition of Saint-Emilion:

Château de Môle

The domain’s principal wine, from old vines (45 years) with yields of 35HL/ha. This wine is matured solely in new oak barrels from 4 different suppliers for increased aromatic complexity for 12 to 15 months depending on the year.

Roc Saint-Jacques

The domain’s second wine, produced o the other part of the vineyard vines with an average age of 35 years, with yields of 45 to 50 HL/ha. Aged in 1 to 2 year-old barrels for 12 months before bottling.

Château de Môle - Famille Auger

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