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Wine salt, an invention born from an accident

Novelty Gironde

Wine salt,

an invention
born from an accident

In the Gironde in the early 20th century, the transport by boat of salt and wine was at its peak. A means of transport that is subject to the vagaries of the waves and bad weather. One day, arriving in Libourne, some sailors discovered with fear that their cargo of wine had escaped from the barrels. The spilled wine soiled the white purity of the near salt crystals. Unable to sell them, they give them to Valentine Cornier, a cellarman's wife. Amused by the surprising colour of this particular salt, she decides to add some spices and to use it to bring savour and originality into her meals.

Pascal Delbeck - a man with an extraordinary personnality who signed numerous vintages at Bélair (Top Ranked Crus of Saint-Emilion) and who remains one of the most talented wine makers and tasters of his generation – wished to succeed his grandmother: to share these rich and varied flavours of wine salt with Taste lovers. This hand-crafted recipe is a family secret that matches natural sea salt of the Ré island with wines from Pascal Delback's vineyards, and spices delicately mixed to the whole preparation in order to mark the different organoleptic characteristics of each varietal. The result is surprising!

Fleur de Merlot :

Tender, fat and smooth flavours, with mild herbs, like Merlot,
to match with duck foie gras, beef rib with marrow, duck fillet...
Its flaming ruby-red colour enlightens yours dishes.

Fleur de Cabernet :

Herbal flavours, fine vegetal scents, like Cabernet,
to match with seafood, white fishes, salmon, scallops, white meats...
Its ruby-red going to brown colour gives nice tints to sauces and gravies.

Fleur de Syrah :

Spicy, exotic and peperry flavours, like Syrah,
to match with grilled meats, offals, lamb and sheep meat,
but also with salads with a dash of lemon juice...
Its wine colour spices up your dishes.

Wooden box containing 3 glass bottles of 320g of Seldevin
(1 Fleur de Merlot, 1 Fleur de Cabernet et 1 Fleur de Syrah) : € 32.00. Unit price: € 12,50

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in delicatessen shops and cellars.