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La Plateforme Prestige tastings

Prestige Tasting Lyon

For once, SommelierS International did not organized its tasting on land but on the Rhône river. In La Plateforme, formerly a river tanker with a majestic look, nicknamed “Admiral of the Rhône”, wines from Lyon, the Rhône Vallay, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, Corsica, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Champagne, and even Georgia, were represented. A highly varied panel of cuvées, for the greatest pleasure of the wine tasters who had come. Wine merchants, restaurant owners, sommeliers, and naturally the regional association of sommeliers : Lyon-Rhône-Alpes, Alpes-Marseille-Provence, Burgundy... Read more

Prestige tastings

Prestige tastings

Hong-Kong welcome spanish wines

Spanish version Prestige Tasting Hong KongHong-Kong welcomespanish wines Following the tremendous success of Vinexpo Asia-Pacific held this year in the month of May in Hong Kong and due to an...

Degustation Sommeliers International Prestige tastings

Dégustation lumière au Regent Grand Hôtel

Dégustation Prestige Bordeaux Dégustation lumière au Regent Grand Hôtel BordeauxRegent Grand Hôtel Bordeaux - 01 décembre 2008...

Hong Kong Prestige tastings

Prestige Tasting in Hong-Kong

Prestige Tasting Hong KongA Prestige Tasting organised by ‘Sommeliers International’ in Hong Kong Nelson Chow Kwok Ming Edwin ChanFor the location of this event, ‘Sommeliers International’...

Video Alsace Prestige tastings

Les vins d’Alsace à l’honneur à Munster

Dégustation Prestige Munster (Alsace)Les vins d’Alsace à l’honneur à MunsterHôtel Verte Vallée - 16 Juin 2008 Voir la vidéo de la manifestionsSerge DubsL’on sait l’expertise guidée par la passion que...

Prestige tastings

A prestige tasting at the ‘Bistrot du Sommelier’

Prestige Tasting ParisA prestige tasting at the ‘Bistrot du Sommelier’At the beginning of this year, the “Bistrot du Sommelier”, on the Boulevard Haussman in Paris, welcomed another tasting...

Prestige tastings

Prestige Tasting Champagne to George V

Tasting Prestige ChampagneTasting Prestige Champagne to George VJean-Michel DelucWhat an excellent reception! So many champagnes have rarely been assembled to be assessed professionally by such a...