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P. Basso, O. Bernard, P. Faure-Brac, A. Robinet, C. Duval-Leroy, Eric Arnaud et G. Basset Prestige tastings

Champagne tasting

On October 9th, SommelierS International inaugurated the Semaine du Goût event in the magnificent lounges of the town hall of Reims with its annual Champagne tasting. In this monument steeped in history, rebuilt in the middle of the 20s after its destruction during World War I, some 200 persons met with the unique goal to highlight French excellence. SommelierS International got together for this beautiful event some prestigious guests, to start with Arnaud Robinet, Mayor of Reims, who, delighted to welcome in his walls this parade of golden and effervescent robes, remind us that “wine is... Read more

Prestige tastings

Prestige tastings

Champagne tasting

Hôtel de Ville de Reims
Degustation Sommeliers International Prestige tastings

Dégustation lumière au Regent Grand Hôtel

Dégustation Prestige Bordeaux Dégustation lumière au Regent Grand Hôtel BordeauxRegent Grand Hôtel Bordeaux - 01 décembre 2008...

Hong Kong Prestige tastings

Prestige Tasting in Hong-Kong

Prestige Tasting Hong KongA Prestige Tasting organised by ‘Sommeliers International’ in Hong Kong Nelson Chow Kwok Ming Edwin ChanFor the location of this event, ‘Sommeliers International’...

Video Alsace Prestige tastings

Les vins d’Alsace à l’honneur à Munster

Dégustation Prestige Munster (Alsace)Les vins d’Alsace à l’honneur à MunsterHôtel Verte Vallée - 16 Juin 2008 Voir la vidéo de la manifestionsSerge DubsL’on sait l’expertise guidée par la passion que...

Prestige tastings

A prestige tasting at the ‘Bistrot du Sommelier’

Prestige Tasting ParisA prestige tasting at the ‘Bistrot du Sommelier’At the beginning of this year, the “Bistrot du Sommelier”, on the Boulevard Haussman in Paris, welcomed another tasting...

Prestige tastings

Prestige Tasting Champagne to George V

Tasting Prestige ChampagneTasting Prestige Champagne to George VJean-Michel DelucWhat an excellent reception! So many champagnes have rarely been assembled to be assessed professionally by such a...

Prestige tastings

Success for a dual tasting held in Paris

Dégustation Prestige Château Mouton-RothschildInstantanés de Dégustation d’une Collection légendaireUn amateur convie Jean-Marc Quarin à goûter sa collection de Mouton Rothschild : instantanés de...