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Maison Chanzy, a signature

and a burgeoning development

Jean-Baptiste Jessiaume

Jean-Baptiste Jessiaume, 25, worthy descendant of a ligneage of wine growers, started his career on the family domain. In 2014 he has been appointed general manager of Chanzy owned by an investment fund. At the estate Jean-Baptiste has implemented the tradition he owes his family but also blows a wind of youth and marks Chanzy with his own signature.

Jean-Baptiste’s appointment at the head of the estate aimed at the development of Chanzy. To give the maison the necessary means Chanzy entered the stock market in Paris, then in London in January 2016. This operation helped raise €2 million in Paris, and an expected 2.5 to 5 million in London. The action also was symbolic: give the wine lovers the opportunity to take part in the adventure.

The young wine grower has new ideas, modern not to say experimental practices. The 32-hectare vineyard is managed sustainably with ploughing, weeding and protecting fauna, but without an organic label in order to keep flexibility in case of sanitary pressure. The cellars have been refitted and the vineyard reorganized. Jean-Baptiste settled egg-shaped wooden tuns for the élevage of the Bouzeron aligoté and the Pinots from Rully. Mozart music is played in the cellars to favour fermentation.

Chanzy’s biggest lever is the development of the trade activity. The maison now proposes Champagne, Côtes du Rhône Village and Côtes de Provence wines. 37 appellations are represented in the portfolio including the production. The broadening of the offer resulted in a 70% increase of the turnover in a year!

Phillippe Faure-Brac et Michel Hermet

The house’s idea is to create a luxury brand with a signature. Jean-Baptiste Jessiaume took the opportunity of a SommelierS International Grand Tasting in Montpellier to present his new wines, especially Champagne B, to Michel Hermet and Philippe Faure-Brac. Two men from the South charmed by bubbles from the North!

Sylvia van der Velden


Tasting of sommeliers

Champagne Blanc de Blancs B de Chanzy, non millésimé
Golden hue with green shades. Fine and light bubbles. Rich nose that develops aromas of fresh fruits (apricot, citrus, peach), toasted notes, enhanced by scents of dried fruits (almond, hazelnut). Fresh palate with buttery, woody, toasted, dried fruit aromas supported by a lovely acidity. Fresh, vivid, finely vanilla-scented aftertaste. To serve at the aperitif over a foie gras with fig chutney.

Champagne brut B de Chanzy, non millésimé
Gold yellow hue, limpid, brilliant, with green tinges. Fine bubbles. Very aromatic nose unveiling roasted and toasted notes. Pure first taste. The palate is marked by aromas of roasted hazelnut, a lovely structure. Unveils beautiful flavours of quince paste and fresh mushrooms. Vivid aftertaste with a beautiful length. A Champagne to be discovered without delay. To enjoy as an aperitif or over seafood.

Champagne rosé B de Chanzy, non millésimé
Salmon-pink hue, limpid and brilliant. Fine and regular bubbles. Refined nose exuding aromas of red fruits, rose, enhanced by notes of citrus (orange, grapefruit). Vivid, full-bodied, well-structured palate, underlined by flavours of roasting, dried fruits. Beautiful aftertaste with hints of wild fruits, slightly honeyed. A rosé Champagne for pleasure and celebrations. Perfect over spicy grilled king prawns.


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