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Château de Saint-Pey

A modern and innovative developement

Château de Saint-Pey is one of those houses where the savoir-faire is transmitted with passion. At a few minutes drive from Saint-Emilion, in the village of Saint Pey d’Armens, Château de Saint-Pey extends over 20 hectares out of which 17 of vines tended by two enthusiast owners, Frédéric Stévenin and Clarence Grosdidier.

Since its creation Château de Saint-Pey stood out by the quality of its wine. The owners give the greatest care to the culture of the vineyard and the vinification. The soil – sandy on the surface then loamy – lies on a limestone and clay and limestone subsoil and reflects the terroir of Saint-Emilion. The vine stocks are 40 years old on average and produce wines made of 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. The quality and consistency enabled Château Saint-Pey's wines to build up an international reputation and to be regularly awarded in international wine competitions.  

“The respect of the environment is an integral part of our philosophy. We are committed to working the soils by ploughing to favour a deeper rooting of the vines, in order to better express our terroir. We limit the treatments to their slightest necessity. Our choices are dictated by the observation and the growing cycle of the vines. Understanding the terroir and adapting to it to best reveal it is our first challenge”, owners Frédéric Stévenin and Clarence Grosdidier explain.

As a good wine starts with healthy fruits, Château de Saint-Pey bought a plot of 1.5 hectares grown organically. Maybe a new range of organic wine will stem from it, considering that the rest of the property already benefits from biocontrolled practices, an integrated policy aiming at reducing their impact on the environment.

Currently the vines grow, vegetation is developing and the first bunches are appearing. Luckily the vineyard recovered from the frost of last year. After a year without harvesting at Saint Pey, 2018 seems promising!

On last April 26, Château de Saint Pey 2015 has been bottled and for the wine lovers and most Epicurean of them, it will be available in bottles, magnums and double magnums. A wine dedicated to the French market but also China, Japan and USA. A wine that will delight the most demanding palates. Château de Saint-Pey proposes universal wines with one guideline: Pleasure, but also Taste.

In the meantime, 2016 finishes maturing in the barrels. A very promising wine that got good marks during the En Primeur week, and that continues to evolve very well. We are eager to discover it once bottled next year.
The terroir of the vineyard of Château de Saint-Pey produces quality grapes. The old sands of the surface, well-drained, generate a warm micro-climate that favours the good ripening of the berries. Thanks to the deep clay, the vines can draw all the vital nutrients to get concentrated grapes with complex aromas. The wines are always colourful, with ruby- to garnet-red robes, dark and deep. They show an expressive and powerful bouquet, a full-bodied and clean first taste, a smooth breadth and a woodiness coming from the barrel that lets imagine a good ageing.

Château Saint-Pey currently produces 4 vintages that evidence a mastered savoir-faire and the importance of a carefully grown raw material. The Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2014, with an expressive nose mingling scents of red fruits (raspberry, blackberry) and empyreumatic notes, presents a well-balanced palate with fine tannins and a fruity aromatic background that provide a lot of elegance to the wine. The Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2015, with a more powerful palate and a harmonious woodiness,
finishes with a good persistency. As for the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Primeur 2016, it displays a great aromatic richness, and "S" de SAINT-PEY 2015 is a Bordeaux with notes of fresh fruits and a lovely woodiness that offers a nice volume and fine tannins.