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The guidelines of Andrés Rosberg’s programme


Andrés Rosberg

“Set A.S.I. at the service of the national sommeliers associations and their members across the world. They need to have access to the tools and information necessary to educate their professionals, train their candidates and promote the image of the sommelier.

Develop universal service standards for all the sommeliers of the world that have to include both an internal work and a coordination with other organizations abroad.

Promote the integration of new members. Europe has showed the way and is well-represented, but there is still a lot to do in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

We have to take a special stock of the integration of a delegation of the United States of America into A.S.I. as it is strategically essential to involve them as a member of our association.

The general meetings have to be opportunities for the representatives to increase their knowledge, to create promotional and communication tools for the hosting organization and possibilities of training and networking for the local sommeliers.

Redesign our sponsor programme in order to maximize the revenues and the participation, and in the meantime to minimize disputes with the national sommeliers associations who organize international events.

Rely on the technology like the streaming broadcast of the finals of the Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World in Argentina in 2016 and start thinking of what we want A.S.I. to be in 2050.

I also intend to study the history of A.S.I. with the project to present a book to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Do you know we have the list of winners of the competitions, but not the complete list of the former presidents and board members of A.S.I.?”