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Cognac Jean Fillioux: the generations may change, but tradition remains

Winegrowers’ portraits

Winegrowers’ portraits Juillac le Coq

Cognac Jean Fillioux

the generations may change,
but tradition remains

“Perched on high to reach for the sky” could be the translation of the fine, noble motto which gives its identity to the Maison Jean Fillioux, its past history and traditions. A few words beneath a majestic cockerel on the family coat of arms.

“Take the high ground to see far”. La Pouyade, a splendid vineyard estate, which has been in the family since 1894, is indeed perched on the top of a hill. The impressive manor house looks over the magnificent vineyard which lies at the heart of the Grande Champagne, the Premier Cru de Cognac.

It is from this chalky soil that the most distinctive eaux-de-vie are produced. An exceptional situation, combined with authentic know-how handed down over five generations, provide the conditions for producing cognacs of unparalle­-

led finesse and complexity. In a word: designer cognacs, which have become an international benchmark.

If Cognac has a soul, then this soul lives at La Pouyade and is echoed in the spirits made by Jean Fillioux. It is snuggled in the silence of the dark, appropriately damp cellars, under the exclusive di­rection of Pascal J. Fillioux, the fourth generation owner. All year round, he is still at work as the sun dips over the horizon. He takes the time to listen to his spirits ageing, and he likes nothing better than to ride through the vineyard at the break of day, on his chestnut mare, Poppy, of a weekend.

Pascal and Monique are as close in their work as they are in their life: he is a man of few words, she is more voluble, he distills, while she sells. Monique controls the lights and music that showcase the marvellous spirits distilled by the artist, her husband, in the wings. She speaks of harmony and magnifies the aromatic notes. Isn't she also an accomplished musician? Dance, piano and singing were favourite pastimes in her youth.
Their son, Christophe, who represents the fifth generation, “naturally” chose to join the family-run estate in October 2003. From his father, he inherited passion and determination, and with him he is completing his education as Cellar master and “nose”.
He prefers to meander through the gently sloping hills of Grande Champa­gne in his 2CV, sometimes stopping off on the banks of the river Né, a pretty river that flows along the edge of the vineyard, to catch the occasional pike.

Jean Fillioux Cognacs each have specific characters which are rich, complex and elegant, and go by the names of: Coq, La Pouyade, Cep d’Or, Star Gourmet, So Elegantissime, Très Vieux, Cigar Club, Réserve Familiale. Five generations have devoted and still devote their lives, with talent, love and passion, to offering a demanding clientele exceptional spirits. Welcome to the majestic and unique world of Jean Fillioux.

Cognacs Jean Fillioux
Domaine de La Pouyade
16130 - Juillac le Coq - France
Tél. : + 33 (0) 5 45 83 04 09