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Cognac d’Aincourt, the encounter with elegance!


Interview of Vincent Norguet, manager of Cognacs d'Aincourt


D'AINCOURT is a new brand of Super Premium Cognac. Can you tell us how it was created?
D’AINCOURT is a six hand part of a Hors d'Age Cognac enthusiast, a famous designer and a producer-distiller settled at the heart of the Cognac region since 1848.
Driven by passion and the love for exceptional Cognacs, we spent two years in crafting our collection of three exceptional Cognacs and develop our carafes following a French savoir-faire.
Our will was to highlight very rare Cognacs thanks to a carafe that expresses the elegance and powerfulness of Hors d'Age eaux-de-vie with a concern over authenticity.

I discovered your Cognacs at Prowein Dusseldorf and your success was tremendous! How can you explain that?
Indeed D’AINCOURT meets a genuine success. Althought the brand is young, it relies on the excellence of our Cognacs, a daring packaging and a strong family history.
Through D’AINCOURT we wanted to pay tribute to the values of courage and loyalty of the Generals of the Empire, and especially to our forefather the Marquis de Caulaincourt, Grand Ecuyer of Napoleon 1st and Ambassador of France in Russia in the 19th century.
With a reference to the war epics of these great men of History, D'Aincourt's badge recalls the Empire insignia used on their uniforms.
Our three exceptional eaux-de-vie express their character in a unique carafe. Famous French designer Patrick Norguet has been entrusted with its manufacturing and signs a masculine and timeless reinterpretation of an original and authentic bottle of Cognac.
Produced by a French hancraft glass factory, the traditional techniques used by the master glassmakers make of each D'Aincourt carafe a unique piece. Discovering the D'Aincourt collection means feeling the pure emotion such an object provides.

Why are the D'AINCOURT Cognacs different from other Cognacs?
I am not native from the region and thus have the fresh and exterior eye of a Cognac lover, with a concern over respect and humility for the work needed for the crafting of an exceptional Cognac. D'Aincourt is different thanks to its original bottle as well as to the style of our Cognacs that combine roundness and aromatic powerfulness. As nowadays Cognac is not enjoyed the same way the Cognacs D'Aincourt collection is dedicated to modern connoisseurs: the first stage of a new attitude that mingles savoir-faire and tradition with the insolence of new codes.

You have a very nice range of Cognacs, for what moment, which consumers?
The Collection D’AINCOURT consists of 3 Hors d'Age Cognacs for different moments:
D’AINCOURT Rare XO, Grande Champagne: blend of 10 eaux-de-vie of 20 to 50 years old and aged in Limousin oak barrels, they have been selected for their scarcity and elegance. The one to discover the world of Hors d’Âge Cognacs.
D’AINCOURT EXTRA, Grande Champagne: blend of 12 exceptional eaux-de-vie, aged several decades in oak barrels. From 25 to 70 years old, they have been selected for their finesse and aromatic powerfulness, and sublimate a starred dinner.
D’AINCOURT 1er CRU, Limited Edition: blend of very old and rare centenary eaux-de-vie, all stemming from the Grande Champagne area, first cru of Cognac. They have been selected for the roundness of their texture as well as for the harmony, powerfulness and elegance of the aromatic notes.
This exceptional Cognac is an invitation to meditation, a genuine conquest of the senses fot the connoisseurs of grand Cognacs and cigar lovers.
In its black lacquered carafe and luxury lacquered wooden case, D’AINCOURT Cognac 1er Cru is available in only 198 over the world.

What are your projects for 2015?
Our projects for 2015 are first of all consolidate and develop at our rhythm the countries where Cognacs D’AINCOURT are distributed. Bur in a parallel, we already work on a new blend that will be launched in 2016.

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